We routinely test Moisture and Dry Matter on thousands of samples per year. We test Corn Silage, Haylage, Hay (Alfalfa, Grass, etc), mixed rations, and other forage. The fee is $7.50 per sample.

At Weld Labs we understand that 1% doesn’t sound like much… until it is time to weigh a whole truck full of wet corn silage. Every percentage point can mean thousands of dollars. This is why we use the time-tested method of loss-on-drying at 105°C in our forced-air laboratory ovens. We dry samples (~300 grams wet) overnight and carefully weigh them back using calibrated balances accurate to ±0.01 grams. (Moisture + Dry Matter = 100%, if there are volatile acids or other substances that evaporate below 105°C they would be counted as moisture in this analysis). If you have questions about our methodology, feel free to call us or come by the lab and we can show you.

Our average turnaround time for moisture samples is two days. Results are sent via email.

Weld Laboratories has been processing moisture samples for over 38 years, and we now process thousands of certified laboratory moistures every year. We are proud to be the trusted third-party between many growers and dairies in Colorado.