Environmental testing is a very broad category. We can perform these analyses on soil, water, and sludge. We split this broad category into:

  • Chromatographic analyses – Oil and Gas spill testing, BTEX, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Semivolatile organic compounds (SVOC). Lab analyses customized for pit closure reports. EPA Methods.
  • Gravimetric Petroleum analyses – Oil and Grease (FOG), and Total Recoverable Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TRPH) are the most common.
  • Corrosivity analyses – Ten Point Corrosivity and other packages to determine corrosive soil properties.
  • Wastewater analyses – Wastewater testing (TSS, BOD, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, etc). Nutrient Management Plans (NMP) are discussed. Surface water discharge, lagoon testing, and various other packages are available.
  • Other analyses – Drinking water packages, specialized extractions, and other less common determinations are found this category.

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