We frequently test soil samples to determine how corrosive they could be. Our corrosivity packages include:

  1. Basic: Soil oxidation-reduction (redox) potential, Sulfide, Chloride
  2. Ten-point Soil Corrosivity: Soil pH, EC, Sulfide, Redox potential, and Minimum Laboratory Resistivity
  3. Complete Corrosivity: Everything above plus Sulfate and Chloride


Typical turnaround times for these analyses are 6-7 business days. We need a one-quart bag of soil. Analyses can be rushed for a fee.

Many important structures, pipelines, and storage tanks are buried underground. Soils high in moisture, conductivity, salts, or acidity will be more corrosive. Our corrosivity packages help engineers determine when and where costly sacrificial galvanic anodes, cathodic protection, or protective coatings are required.

We also perform soil classification (% sand, silt, and clay) if there is a concern about proper aeration or drainage.

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